Piccadilly Line

ALDWYCH branch line (Part 5)



The branch line between Holborn and Aldwych was originally a double tracked line, with two platforms at either end.
It was reduced to single line running in 1917, due to the low volume of traffic, and closed completely in 1994.



The station location is in the centre of this map. Also shown is the route of the line leading to it.
The close proximity to Temple station is obvious here.



The passageway leading to the lifts, in relatively good repair after restoration work by one of the film crews using the station.

(photo: Sep 2010)




Similar view as above, about three years earlier, before the restoration work.

Photo: Philip Lindhurst. © 2007




A comparison with this photo, taken when the station was open, shows the disrepair that it was allowed to fall into after closure.

The lifts were located on the right, out of shot.




2011 view.

Photo by Gary. ©2011




View in the opposite direction i.e. looking toward the platforms. The staircase leads down to the platform that remained in use (the western one). The passageway over the two tunnels that led down to the other platform is on the right, before the staircase is reached.

Photo by Gary. ©2011




The passenger usage expectation far exceeded that which was actually achieved. This is one of the two lift shafts that were constructed but never fitted out for lift operation.

(photo: Sep 2010)




The entrance to the lifts. The emergency stairs were located at the opposite end of this lift access portal i.e. behind the photographer.

(photo: Sep 2010)




The emergency stairs, now the only means of access to platform level from the station building.

(photo: Sep 2010)




Surface level stairs leading down to the emergency stairs. The photo was taken from more or less the same position as the photo below but swivelled 90° to the right (i.e. the steps up to the Strand entrance are on the left, out of shot).

Photo: Philip Lindhurst. © 2007




The ticket office seen on the left is the 'false' one built for filming purposes shortly before the station was closed. The stairs on the right lead up to the original ticket office windows and the Strand entrance.

Photo: Philip Lindhurst. © 2007




View from the top of the steps seen on the right of the photo above.

The ticket office seen here was built for filming purposes. The steps on the left lead up to the side entrance on Surrey Street. The lift shaft that houses the two lifts is to the right. Somewhere behind the facing wall are the lift shafts that got built but never had lifts installed in.

(photo: July 2010)




Reverse angle photo from more or less the same position as the photo above was taken from. The telephone boxes give positional reference to the photo below. The red door leads out onto the pavement of the Strand. Note the small flight of stairs leading up to pavement level.

(photo: July 2010)





The original ticket office windows are visible on the left and the row of telephone booths is on the right.

The station was only open during peak hours (during the era in which the photo was taken) hence the 'station closed' sign, placed there during non-peak hours.





The surface building on the Strand, while still in use.

The building remains but the Aldwych canopy has been removed revealing its original Strand lettering. Move your cursor over the image to reveal its forlorn appearance in Dec 2008.


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Aldwych station pt.6 (Piccadilly Line)



Photos taken between 1977 and 1981, except where stated.