Piccadilly Line

ALDWYCH branch line (Part 6)



The branch line between Holborn and Aldwych was originally a double tracked line, with two platforms at either end.
It was reduced to single line running in 1917, due to the low volume of traffic, and closed completely in 1994.



The station location is in the centre of this map. Also shown is the route of the line leading to it.
The close proximity to Temple station is obvious here.



The new fake ticket office viewed from its right hand side. The Surrey Street side entrance is visible on the left.

(photo: 2010)





The lift circulating area. To save costs, the ticket office was closed and tickets were issued in the lifts (the illuminated sign in the background actually says 'Take Tickets In Lift'). The door below the illuminated sign is the toilets.




The lifts are on the left hand side, obscured by the displays but the toilet is still visible.

The station building was opened briefly to the public in July 2010 for this exhibition illustrating "how the Tube is being transformed".




The toilet. It has obviously seen better days but given that the station is used for filming, it is wondered how many famous movie people have used these facilities.

(photo: July 2010)




Number 1 lift photographed in its operating days.




Lift number 2.

(photo: Sep 2010)




Lift interior.

(photo: Jul 2010)




The station was built for the lifts to have separate entances and exits, however the exit seen here was not used by the public during the period that the author was familiar with the station.

(photo: Sep 2010)




The part of the station at the rear of the lifts i.e. the 'exit' part as seen in the photo above.

(photo: July 2010)




The side entrance on Surrey Street, clearly showing the separate access points.


For Nick Catford's detailed pages about Holborn & Aldwych stations, click here: www.disused-stations.org.uk


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Photos taken between 1977 and 1981, except where stated.