(1866 - 2009)


The Widened Lines were built between Kings Cross and Moorgate as relief for the Metropolitan Line's tracks. They opened in their entirety in 1868.


1930s map. Aldersgate Street station has since been renamed Barbican.




Approaching Barbican station from the west.





The western end of the eastbound platform. Barbican station is quite short and the platform was extended into the tunnel to allow for eight car trains. The westbound track and tunnel is to the left.

(photo: 2009)




Similar view as above, showing the ridiculous lack of clearance that passengers in the last carriage had if leaving the train here.

(photo: 2009)




As above but swivelled round to the right. This disused tunnel linked the Widened Lines with the Metropolitan/Circle line tracks.

(photo: 2009)




Better overall view of the western end of Barbican station.

(photo: 2009)




Barbican station on the spur to Moorgate during works for Thameslink conversion..





Barbican used to have an overall roof similar to other Metropolitan Line stations built at this time. It suffered from bomb damage during World War II and was finally removed in 1955.

The Widened Lines, on the right of the photo, had a peculiar service: eastbound trains would stop for passengers (the island platform) but westbound trains would not. The westbound platform, as seen on the right of the photo, couldn't be easily extended for eight car trains, and so was closed to passengers some years before the cessation of services.

(photo: 2009)




Barbican station looking west.




The tunnel leading from Barbican station to Moorgate.

(photo: 2007)




Closer view of the tunnel leading from Barbican to Moorgate.

(photo: 2007)




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All photos taken 1977 - 1981 unless stated otherwise.



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