East London Line


(1876 - 2006)


The planned closure of Shoreditch station as part of the works for the East London extension should have occurred years before it did. Indeed, the extension to Dalston Junction that caused the replacement of this station should have been completed in the year that this station was finally closed.

For a full history of the East London line, see Clive's UndergrounD Lines Guide.


Map showing a few areas of interest:

- The yellow shading is the now demolished Broad Street station. Its line north of New Inn Yard has been taken over by the East London line extension.

- The purple area is Liverpool Street station. Shoreditch station at one time had a through connection to this station.

- The light red area is the first G.E.R. terminus (replaced by Liverpool St) which subsequently was used as a goods station. Its site has been used for the new Shoreditch High Street station.

- The green area is Shoreditch station on the East London Line (closed in 2006). The route of its new connection to the former Broad Street line is indicated by the blue line.

- The station seen on the old Broad Street line at the top of the map is its own Shoreditch station, closed in 1940. By taking over this line, the East London line now has two disused Shoreditch stations on its route!





It's barely noticable from this photo but someone has underlined the words 'to permanently close' and written "split infinitive" next to them!

(May 2006)




The exit staircase and the site of the through route to Liverpool Street.

(May 2006)




(June 2006)




Eastward view of the platform area.

(May 2006)




As above but positioned further east, away from the station building.

(May 2006)




Opposing view.

(May 2006)




Eastern end of the platforms.

(May 2006)




(May 2006)





(May 2006)


The official East London Line website is here.

Full details (albeit no longer updated) on the East London Line extension are at alwaystouchout.com

Lastly, a couple of webpages showing the East London line as it was in its tube days are here.


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