(1883 - 1931)





Looking south from the viaduct near the Porte des Bombes.






The viaduct shown above. As with the viaduct at Valletta, this was a replacement for the original wooden viaduct which had rotted (the original wood construction was insisted upon as it was felt that masonry bridges would compromise the city's security).






Looking north at the tunnel that takes the line to the northern terminus at Valletta. Located in the tunnel is Floriana station.






The Valletta end of the tunnel seen above on the left. The tunnel containing Valletta station is on the right.
This side view is of the viaduct between two tunnel mouths across the charmingly named Main Ditch.






View southward away from Valleta. Platform remains are on the right.






The tunnel mouth facing north.






View from the tunnel mouth into the station area.






Facing the other direction; toward the tunnel mouth. There were two tracks here (narrow gauge) and platforms either side of them.






Run off tunnel. The second track and platform continued where the yellow hut is, on the right.






Run off tunnel past the platform area. Only wide enough for a single track,
a set of points were located in the double-tracked platform area.






This skylight was added subsequent to the station's opening.






The approximate location of Valletta terminus, at the junction of Ordnance St and Republic St.
The ruined building seen further back is the Royal Opera House, destroyed by enemy bombs during World War II



All photos June 2005.


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