Northern Line



King William Street was the northbound terminus of the City & South London railway -
the world's first electric underground railway. Originally designed to be cable hauled, the
line proved popular and the original terminii (Stockwell at its southern end) were too small
to cope with the resultant passenger numbers.





The twin tunnels join this enlarged tunnel in a position just behind the photographer (as seen on the previous page). This view is facing eastward toward the station area and shows the partitioning of the tunnel. There is a passageway that runs along the entire length of the right hand side; it is just about visible here.




The bricked up opening seen here provided access to an additional World War II entrance on the western side of King William Street. Regis House, where the ticket office and lifts were located, was on the eastern side.




The station had one large tunnel with an island platform between two tracks (it was rebuilt as such in 1895 to allow two trains into it - before that it only had one track with platforms on either side of it).




Following the passageway toward the head of the station. The partitions on the left exist for virtually the entire length of the station area.




Facing the opposite way from the photograph above. The station area is also divided into upper and lower sections, hence the low ceiling height here.




Facing toward the head of the station again. Original station tiling is intact in sections on the wall. It is not known why some sections were removed.




Facing the opposite way from the photo above. .




One of the partitions (facing westward away from the head of the station). The height of the station allowed it to be split into a two level shelter. This is the lower level - the tunnel wall is on the right hand side and World War II posters adorn the walls.




Lower level and stairs to the upper level.




One of the original war time posters, still in-situ when these photos were taken.



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Reference: The Railway to Kings William Street and Southwark Deep Tunnel Air-Raid Shelter by Peter Bancroft. LURS 1981.



King William Street - Pt.4



Photos taken between 1977 and 1981, except where stated.