Piccadilly Line



(1907 - 1932)

 An unusual case of a central London station being closed completely without replacement of some sort: Down Street was built in a well-to-do area (such that local inhabitants were unlikely to use the underground), was too close to the stations either side of it (Hyde Park Corner and Dover St), and was in a generally low catchment area anyway.

Its neighbouring stations received new entrances closer to Down Street when they were rebuilt for escalator installation thus allowing for Down Street to be closed. As with Brompton Road, its patronage was so light that not all trains had been stopping there. The closure of the two stations allowed journey times on the Piccadilly Line to be reduced.

The platforms at Down Street were bricked up during World War II, so there is only a fleeting glimpse to be had from passing trains.


Eastbound track looking in a westbound direction i.e. trains would approach the camera.

Photo by Gary. ©2011




The platform area. The original station wall is on the right, as indicated by its curved nature, and the brick wall now separating the platform area from the running tunnel is on the left.




The steps leading to the passageway that was adapted for World War II use.




Another part of the platform with a very narrow throughway.




Surviving small section of the westbound platform (the eastern end of) not screened from the running track.




Small portion of original station name lettering that still survives.




Eastern end of the eastern platform facing eastward.




The passageways between the station building and the platforms are quite long: siting the station building on Piccadilly itself would have been prohibitively expensive so it was built in a side street instead. The running tunnels are under Piccadilly though so long passageways were needed to connect the two. Probably another contributory factor to the station's demise.




Tiling still intact.




The bottom of the lift shaft. The ceiling just about visible is a false one built after closure. The steps visible on the top right of the photo lead to a trap door in it.




The 'torpedo' lift shaft built at Churchill's insistence in the centre of the emergency stair shaft.


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Holloway Road (Piccadilly Line)




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