Piccadilly Line

ALDWYCH branch line (Part 3)



The branch line between Holborn and Aldwych was originally a double tracked line, with two platforms at either end.
It was reduced to single line running in 1917, due to the low volume of traffic, and closed completely in 1994.



The station location is in the centre of this map. Also shown is the route of the line leading to it.
The close proximity to Temple station is obvious here.




The Aldwych platform that remained in use.
Looking southwards.




Looking northwards.
This platform has been used many times for filming purposes - the list is a long one but a few offhand examples are Deathline (1972 film starring Donald Pleasance) and Take It Or Leave It (the film of the career of 70's/80's pop band Madness). The tunnels themselves were used to great effect in Prodigy's 'Firestarter' pop video. Robert De Niro recently filmed scenes from Good Shepherd in the station or tunnels.




This photo was taken from a similar viewpoint as that above but post-dates it by some 25 years.

Photo: Philip Lindhurst. © 2007




Taken from a similar position but looking south, on one of the extremely rare public openings of the station. This was one of the Under London events that formed part of the 70th Anniversary Of The Blitz.

(photo: Sep 2010)




Same event as above, this photo is looking south again but from the northern end of the platform.

(photo: Sep 2010)




Looking north.

Photo by Gary. ©2011




Looking north in its operational days.




Looking south at the southern end tunnel portal. The steps seen here led to part of the station that was never completed, thus was never used by the public. The walkway at the top part of the photo leads to the other platform.



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Aldwych station pt.4 (Piccadilly Line)



Photos taken between 1977 and 1981, except where stated.